The Rocker is a mobile fall arrester for use on semi-static kernmantel ropes according to EN 1891 type A. In normal use the device follows the user up and down the rope without manual intervention. In the event of a fall, the device blocks and thus reduces the impact force to below 6 kN.

Weight 164 g

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  • Approved for double occupancy (max. 200 kg, max. length of lanyard 250 mm)
  • Can be mounted and disassembled in any position on the rope
  • No additional shock absorber necessary
  • Locking mechanism via the silver flap
  • Particularly gentle on the rope thanks to brake shoes without teeth
  • Can also be used as work position lanyard
  • To be used in rope access, tree care and in the PPEaF

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  • Certification : EN 358
  • Certification : ANSI Z359.1
  • Certification : EN 353-2
  • Country of origin : United Kingdom
  • Gender : Unisex



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