The combination of a CHEST CRUISER and a PRO STEP produces the KNEE CRUISER knee ascender for ergonomic rope climbs. This is specially designed for use with single rope techniques, e.g. with the TREEREX BUNGEE CHEST with an elasticated cord for hauling the ascender. The orientation of the connection points on the CHEST CRUISER ensures that the rope can run through without resistance.

Weight 256 g

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  • Clamp mechanism with safety lock
  • For 8.0–13.0 mm diameter kernmantel ropes
  • Cam with self-cleaning slots for optimum grip on frozen or muddy ropes
  • Simple handling

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  • Approved rope diameter: 8 – 13 mm
  • Certification : EN 12841-B
  • Certification : EN 567
  • Country of origin : Taiwan
  • Material : Steel



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